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Fortress Security can supply, install and maintain alarm systems to suit any kind of property, whether you’re protecting your home, workplace or school. We make the best use of current technology, to customise a system, to suit your requirements and budget.


Fortress Security utilises current technology to design, install and maintain a CCTV system which is tailored to your needs. Our qualified technicians demonstrate the system fully and assist with remote viewing from your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac.

Access Control

Access Control Systems are designed to increase security within organisations or multi-tenanted buildings by granting or restricting personnel access to doors, lifts, gates and barrier arms within the building or compound. Fortress Security can design, install and maintain the system to suit your individual requirements.


Intercom systems are used for the screening of visitors before they enter a building or compound. There are many types of intercom systems available; audio only, audio/video, single/multiple entrance stations, and large enough to cope with the biggest of complexes or apartment buildings. Fortress Security can design and install a system which is suited to your application.

Service and Support

Fortress Security provides expert technical support and ongoing professional service to our valued customers. Call 0800 800 805 to contact one of our representatives.

Fog Cannon Systems

An offender only needs a few minutes to break in. A security fog cannon system activates within seconds, to effectively secure your business assets and stock.

Monitoring Services

Fortress Security provides a 24-hour monitoring service for your Alarm or Access Control system. The response plan can be tailored to your needs, so that the response operator can respond to your alarm activation or security breech in the most efficient way.

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