Security Camera Installation

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV Installation Services

Welcome to Fortress Security’s CCTV installation services page. We specialize in providing professional CCTV solutions tailored to meet your security needs. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, our expert team is here to ensure optimal surveillance and peace of mind.

Benefits of installing Security Cameras:

  • Explore the benefits of installing CCTV cameras on your property:
  • Deterrence of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access.
  • Enhanced monitoring of high-risk areas.
  • Increased safety and security for employees, customers, and residents.
  • Detailed video evidence for investigations and incident resolution.
  • Trust Fortress Security to implement a comprehensive CCTV system that meets your specific requirements and budget.

Our CCTV Installation Process

Learn about our streamlined CCTV installation process:

  1. Consultation: We assess your property and security needs to recommend the best CCTV solution.
  2. Design: Our team designs a customized CCTV system layout tailored to your property’s layout and surveillance objectives.
  3. Installation: Experienced technicians install CCTV cameras, wiring, and supporting equipment with precision and efficiency.
  4. Configuration: We configure your CCTV system for optimal performance, including camera angles, recording settings, and remote access.
  5. Training: We provide training on how to use and maintain your CCTV system effectively.
  6. Support: Enjoy ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your CCTV system remains operational and up to date.

Complete Systems

CCTV systems are typically comprised of cameras, video recorders and monitors. They can range in size and complexity; from a single camera system, to a highly sophisticated system utilising network infrastructure including LAN, WAN, fibre-optic and Internet Service provider links, sometimes connecting hundreds of cameras to one single management platform.


CCTV cameras come in many shape and forms. Depending on requirements, budget and the environmental conditions in which they are installed, a Fortress Security professional can design a system with camera types ranging from; bullet, turret, Covert, Panoramic, PTZ, 360degree (fisheye), Number Plate Recognition (ANPR / NPR); using a range of construction types and features, i.e. indoor, outdoor, vandal resistant, varifocal, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), or with Infra-Red (IR) lamps to view images in complete darkness.

Types of Security Cameras in NZ

Explore the various types of CCTV cameras available for installation:

  • Dome Cameras: Discreet and versatile cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor surveillance.
  • Bullet Cameras: Long-range cameras ideal for monitoring large outdoor areas.
  • PTZ Cameras: Pan-tilt-zoom cameras that offer flexible coverage and zoom capabilities.
  • Wireless Cameras: Wire-free cameras for easy installation and flexibility in camera placement.
  • IP Cameras: Network-based cameras that offer high-definition video quality and remote access capabilities.

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