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Fortress Security understands the importance of ongoing support and maintenance following the initial installation. We can provide support to ensure the integrity of your security system is maintained and your premises and assets remain secure.

Fortress Security provides 24/7 technical support for our customers including remote assistance, phone support and scheduled maintenance services.

System Login, Training Or Faults

Whether you are having difficulties logging in to your system, require a password reset, refresher training, or if you have an issue with your system, we are here to help. Just contact your Fortress Security representative via email or call 0800 800 805 for assistance.

System Maintenance

Maintenance frequencies depend on the type of system and the application in which they are installed. Fortress Security recommends the following maintenance frequencies:

Alarm Systems (every 12 months)

  • Alarm sensors and warning devices (sounders / strobes) should be maintained at least once per year.
  • Batteries in wireless devices should be changed every year.
  • Backup batteries should be changed every 3 years.

Access Control Systems (every 6 months)

It is a Building Act requirement that Access controlled doors are tested on an annual basis by an IQP (Independent Qualified Person), and a 12a form is issued to satisfy the BWOF (Building Warrant Of Fitness) to the building compliance providers. 6-monthly testing reports are carried out by Fortress Security and issued to the IQP as they can submit the relevant documents. Fortress Security takes care of this process on behalf of our clients by scheduling, implementing and processing the service to ensure compliance.

CCTV Systems (from weekly to every 12 months)

Although it is relatively easy for the customer to carry out their own general checks of their CCTV system, it is recommended that Fortress Security carry out a periodic maintenance schedule to ensure that cameras remain online, in focus, un-obscured and recording.

Other tasks, such as synchronising time/date, confirming adequate storage capacity and modifying motion detection setup can be checked and carried out remotely by Fortress Security on a basis as frequent as once weekly, if requested.

It is recommended that an on-site maintenance visit is carried out at least annually (6-monthly is recommended) as the camera lens and recorder filters are cleaned, firmware is updated and other checks performed.

Fog Cannon Systems (every 6 months)

It is recommended that Fog Cannon systems are maintained on a 6-monthly basis. Fog Cannon fluid has an expiry date and should be replaced as per manufacturers recommendations.

Fortress Security can manage the scheduling of your security system maintenance to suit your individual requirements and preference.

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