Protect Fog Cannon Systems

 Protect Fog Cannon

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a PROTECT security fog system can stop a burglar in seconds

You want to keep your business active and not worry about criminals trying to steal your profit or harm your employees. However, whatever precautions you take, you can’t prevent criminals from trying to break into your property.

The solution is a PROTECT security fog system that physically hinders criminals from locating your valuables and thereby protects them from being stolen. You can even thwart robberies, kidnapping and vandalism before they take place.


Once inside your premises, burglars are likely to steal your valuables. PROTECT Fog Cannon™ fog machines will fill the area with dense fog and make it impossible for the criminals to see anything. The fog is completely harmless – and will not damage your property.

A flexible concept for businesses

The PROTECT security fog system includes a range of Fog Cannon™ fog machines designed and developed to secure all types of businesses. Most models can also be covertly mounted behind a wall or above a ceiling. They have been tested and proven in many thousands of installations worldwide, making PROTECT a world market leader within the security fog industry.

We guarantee you will make a profitable investment in keeping your property and valuables secured.

  • Hinders burglary, robbery, and vandalism
  • Can give you peace of mind and a good night’s sleep
  • Minimises loss
  • Low risk – lower insurance premium

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