Video Recorders

video_recordersDigital Video Recorders (DVR's) and Network Video Recorders (NVR's) are used to store CCTV footage and are a vital part of any surveillance system.

Digital Video Recorders are used to process analogue cameras, Networkable Video recorders (often referred to as Servers) are used to process IP (Internet Protocol) camera systems.

The Video Recorder is usually the heart of the CCTV system. It processes and stores images obtained from the cameras which are connected to it. The DVR or NVR is able to process information such as movement or 'motion' within the images, which increases the amount of recorded frames per second when motion is detected on the image. Configuring the recorder in this way is vital for optimising storage capacity.

DVR’s and NVR’s offer continuous recording to their internal hard drive, usually retaining footage for an excess of 30 days. The storage capacity in residential applications is usually anywhere between 500 GB (Gigabytes) & 8 TB (Terabytes).

Residential surveillance systems can usually accommodate between 4 and 16 cameras, however, multiple recorders can be used for larger applications allowing a single surveillance system to accommodate many more cameras. It is important when installing a CCTV system to take future expansion and technologies into account and ensure you choose the right Video Recorder to accommodate current cameras plus any extra cameras required at a later date.

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