CCTV Cameras

Not only do cameras capture footage, their presence acts as an effective deterrent against criminal activity.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras come in many shapes and forms with a range of technologies and functions. Fortress Security ensures each camera is specifically suited to the requirements of the customer and the environment in which they are installed.

Analogue Cameras are the conventional cameras used in many CCTV installations where each camera is wired directly back to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) using coaxial video cable. Analogue cameras are usually cheaper than IP cameras and are widely used in small to medium CCTV installations. The resolution of analogue cameras defines the quality of the image and is measured in TV Lines (TVL); where a typical medium resolution camera will be 480TVL and a high resolution camera will be >600TVL.

IP cameras are connected via Cat5 cable to an Ethernet port on the network infrastructure or directly to the Networkable Video Recorder (NVR). They are rapidly increasing in popularity with the increase of network bandwidth availability and technology. They are more commonly used on larger installations or sites with multiple buildings. A major benefit from using the Ethernet network to carry video signals is the saving on cable and associated cabling costs.

Some of the IP & Analogue camera types include:

cctv_camera_types_allFull Body Cameras
Full body (or 'box') cameras are modular; where the full component is built up using the camera the lens and often the housing. Full body cameras are less discreet and usually more visible, providing a more effective deterrent against criminal activity.

Dome Cameras
Dome cameras are increasing in popularity as they are more aesthetically pleasing and usually cheaper than a full body camera of equal technology. They can be purchased with the correct lens to suit the application and with vandal resistant housing for outdoor applications.

PTZ Cameras
PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras have the ability to be controlled remotely via telemetry controllers; either a joystick or through PC software. When they are not manually being controlled, they can carry out a 'tour' following a pre-programmed sequence. PTZ Cameras can also be integrated into Alarm or Access Control Systems, allowing the camera to focus in on a 'preset' position, i.e. if a door is opened or a detection device is triggered.

Camera Technology:
During recent years CCTV camera technology has evolved from black and white (monochrome) and colour cameras to a wider range of varying technologies:

Day/Night Cameras

Day/Night (D/N) cameras are usually installed in external environments where lighting levels can vary. D/N cameras usually transmit colour images, however, when the light levels drop below a certain lux monochrome is more effective. D/N cameras switch between colour and monochrome depending on the level of light ensuring optimum image quality.

Infra-Red Cameras

Infra-Red (IR) cameras can operate under zero lux conditions. They usually use D/N technology and have built-in IR lamps. They are particularly useful when no lighting is present within or around a building.

Wide Dynamic Cameras

Wide Dynamic (WDR) cameras are high quality cameras which are suited to areas of varying light levels i.e. viewing a shop entry from inside.  Many other cameras are only able to see a shadow-like silhouette when a dark image emerges from a bright background. WDR cameras are able to differentiate the light levels as if each pixel has its own auto-iris, generating an image with superior quality compared to other camera technologies.

License Plate Cameras

Technology has progressed rapidly over the last decade and there are now cameras which guarantee the capture of license plates up to a speed of 180 km/h in all types of lighting and weather conditions. These are often referred to as Rego Cameras.Fortress Security can install license plate cameras in strategic positions as part of the CCTV System to send valuable information to the recording device or DVR.

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