Access Control

access_control_commercialSecurity Access Control Systems are becoming increasingly common in Retail stores and are designed to give retail store managers the ability to grant or deny access to staff and customers. They allow authorised staff to access to staff-only areas, including doors, car parks and lifts.

Retail Access Control Security Systems range in size and complexity from single door systems, managed locally at the store; to nationwide systems managed from a central location, capable of controlling access to numerous doors and staff.

Access Control Systems require some form of recognition to permit access. This can be achieved either by PIN number, swipe card, proximity card/fob (tag), or using biometric scans such as finger-print, retina or voice recognition.

Access Control systems have advantages over lock and key; if someone was to lose their access control card, it can be simply deleted from the system - far more cost effective than if a master key was lost or fell into the wrong hands, often resulting in having to change every lock barrel and re-issue keys.

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