The growth in use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) or IP Video for surveillance as a deterrent against criminal activity continues at a staggering rate, with businesses becoming aware of the vital role CCTV plays in the protection of property and stock, as well as staff and public safety.

IP video is becoming increasingly popular with the affordability of high resolution ‘Megapixel’ IP cameras (often referred to as ‘Network cameras’), servers and storage devices. The fundamentals of CCTV and IP video are the same, capturing and storing video footage. However, IP Video is named as such as it does not operate on the same ‘closed loop’ basis of its CCTV predecessor.

Commercial CCTV and IP video systems are typically comprised of cameras, Network or Digital Video Recorders (NVR's or DVR's) and monitors. They can range in size and complexity; from a single camera system, to a highly sophisticated nationwide system utilising Video Network Management Systems, Matrix's, telemetry controllers and fibre-optic links, sometimes connecting hundreds of cameras to one single management platform.

Fortress Security makes the best use of current technology and can design, install and maintain a CCTV or IP Video system which is suited to your needs.

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