System Integration


building_management_systemIt is becoming more popular for commercial security managers to integrate their Alarm system, CCTV system and Access Control system onto one management platform.

This allows the combined Alarm/Access Control System to be managed using the same software or workstation. Hardware and software integration in Security systems has many benefits i.e. doors can be assigned to areas of the alarm inhibiting access if the system is armed.

Access Control and Alarm systems can also be integrated into CCTV systems and can give commands to CCTV systems, commanding a camera to zoom in on a door and speed up the recording rate if a door is opened, forced or held open for longer than its pre-determined time. High level integration connects such systems at a software level.

It is now becoming increasingly popular to use the Security System as the centralised controller for the Building Management System (BMS) where other building services such as HVAC, lighting and audio can be managed from one single operating platform, using the alarm to signal services alarms such as generator fault, over temperature alarms, fire alarms, refrigeration alarms etc.

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