Access Control Hardware

access_control_commercialAccess Control Systems are built up of controllers and peripheral devices such as locks, readers and egress devices. The main controller is the heart of the system and all devices are wired back to controllers or sub controllers using varying types of cable.

As with all types of security equipment, the hardware must be installed in a way which restricts access to those with unauthorised entry. Fortress Security professionally installs all hardware to the highest standards whilst adhering to manufacturer's installation guidelines.


Types of Access Control hardware include the following:

Locks and Automation Devices

Electronic locks such as Magnetic locks, Mortice locks, Drop-bolts and Strikes are installed on doors and are wired directly to the control equipment.

When access (or egress) is granted, the controller signals to the lock to release. Other automated devices such as barrier arms, turnstiles and bollards can also be connected in the same way to achieve the same result.

Fortress Security utilises the skills of highly trained professionals to ensure each device is installed to the highest standard.

Recognition Devices

Readers provide a means of scanning and sending the data back to the control equipment for processing.

There are many types of readers including PIN, proximity card or fob (tag), swipe card, or biometric scanners such as fingerprint, retina or voice recognition.
Some readers have dual functions such as 'card and pin'. The readers are installed in the non-secure area, restricting access to the secure area. Some applications may require readers on both sides of the door, either for additional security or to monitor the movements of personnel more closely.

Egress Devices

Egress devices such as REX (Request to Exit) buttons are installed by the door and are used for exiting the secure area through the access controlled door. The REX Button is 'momentary' (timed) whereas the EMREX (Emergency Request to Exit) must be 'latching' (non-timed).

Mortice and strike locks usually do not require an additional egress device, and are exited by simply turning the handle.

There are strict fire regulations regarding egress which must be followed when installing Access Control Systems. Fortress Security ensures all our systems are compliant and we can arrange for IQP (Independent Qualified Person) testing to satisfy Building Warrant of Fitness requirements for our customers.


The Control equipment is where the information is received, processed and actioned. Many Access Control Systems have just one main controller with a varying number of sub-controllers. The sub controllers can usually operate in 'stand-alone' mode, allowing the system to function normally if communications are lost with the main controller. i.e. if the main controller temporarily fails users are still able to access doors.

All of the peripheral equipment such as locks, readers and egress devices are wired to the controllers. Communication mediums such as Ethernet and phone lines are connected and processed at the main controller.

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