Many Access Control Systems have the capability of managing in excess of 50,000 users per system.

Users or cardholders are programmed with access levels and time zones which means each user can have their own personalised access rights, defining which doors they can access and at what time. This means that a more senior member of staff can access all doors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a less senior staff member has restricted access during business hours only.

These access restrictions also have their advantages in multi-tenanted buildings with lift control, allowing staff from a particular company to only have access to their designated floor.

More advanced systems may also have additional security features such as:

  • Card & PIN where two forms of recognition is required
  • Dual Custody where two people must present valid recognition before access in granted
  • Anti-Passback where the system denies access to a person who enters a door for a second time without exiting, and
  • Interlocking Doors where more than one door cannot be open at the same time

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